Our purpose

Since 2003, our purpose has been to work with forward-thinking organisations to develop legacy-driving ideas that generate positive and lasting value. It’s called Creating Legacy™. 

It impacts and shapes every aspect of our clients’ businesses, from their products and their people, to their communication and the brand experiences their customers love, now and for the long-term.

At Greenspace, we only work with forward-thinking organisations that want to be guided by clearly defined legacy strategies. 

Organisations that possess a clear idea of the legacy they are creating have the ability to produce positive and lasting value now and for the long term.

They know that a clearly defined legacy-driving strategy gives their employees, partners and customers complete clarity of their purpose, proposition and principles.

Defining exactly why an organisation exists, where it’s going and how it’s going to get there is exactly why Greenspace exists.

We create legacy-driving ideas by using business analysis and insight research, allied to creativity that harnesses the power of good design and storytelling.

"Greenspace delivered beyond expectations with their aim for a sustainable space for social interaction."

Walter Drenth — Global Marketing Communications Manager, Heineken

“We help our clients plan their journey to creating legacy — developing ideas together that inspire advocacy, positivity and lasting value.”

Adrian Caddy — Founder and CEO, Greenspace