Creative Circle

Anthology Logotype

Anthology logotype nominated — 17th March 2015

The Anthology logotype has been shortlisted by Creative Circle for the 2015 best logotype award. The oldest advertising and marketing awards body in Europe, the Creative Circle awards are highly regarded within the industry.

Anthology is committed to creating homes and enhancing neighbourhoods that inspire the stories of people who are also passionate about London, the logotype reflects this thinking.

We found inspiration for the ‘A’ letterform by studying illuminated letters; the freehand letters, which predate print, and were found at the beginning of each text in an Anthology often framed within elaborate boxes.

We developed Anthology’s corporate identity based on a system that uses patterns designed to look like building blocks with an ‘A’ mark which can be used in isolation. A central triangle within a triangular grid flows out from the ‘A’.

The ‘A’ will always be a symbol for development, but the pattern will continually evolve, changing to reflect each development’s neighbourhood.