Greenspace rebrands Danish mortgage giant Totalkredit

After a long-term partnership, we have completed the rebranding of Denmark’s largest home financing business Totalkredit

Totakredit is owned by Nykredit, one of Denmark’s biggest banks, providing mortgage loans to nearly 40% of Danish home owners through a network of around 60 local and regional banks. Having worked with the business for many years, we were tasked with redesigning the brand.

Since 1990, Totalkredit has successfully enabled Danish customers to own a home through their local banks, yet its name and identity, based around a yellow ‘X’, is derived from ‘what’ it does and ‘how’ it provides loans through a financial portal called Xportalen. We needed to get to the ‘why’ it exists as a service and make it relevant.

We’ve worked with Copenhagen-based business consultants bro and a cross- functional management team led by Totalkredit CEO Troels Bülow-Olsen to develop a long-term brand and business strategy. The legacy-driving strategy developed for the brand set the direction for human, digital and physical design integration.

The new brand identity was designed first and foremost to work across new digital platforms. The dark orange arrow pointing upwards symbolises the shape and colour of rooftops on typical Danish houses seen all over the country. The geometric symbol and bright colours are distinctive and work well on screens as well as in print.

Mortgage loans that are provided by local banks in the Totalkredit network use the new brand identity in a series of partnership co-branded devices, created as a key part of the rebranding task. The new symbol works as a connecting device between the local or regional bank brand name and the Totalkredit word mark.

We have created a comprehensive book of brand guidelines incorporating the full brand strategy and identity work as well as a range of brand materials including films, animations and print and digital applications. 

Totalkredit is a very well known brand in Denmark and people are able to recall its ‘X’ symbol very quickly, yet nobody knows what it stands for. We replaced the old alphabetical ‘X’ symbol with a new mark, based on a numerical multiplication symbol, composed of two interlocking arrows made of dark and light orange.

Lee Deverill, Creative Director

The new Totalkredit brand identity signals the evolution of the business to meet the needs of our customers in the digital age. We are delighted with the work of Greenspace.

Troels Bülow-Olsen, Totalkredit CEO