Heineken Greenspace wins Most Contagious 2006


Most Contagious — March 2006

Although it launched at the end of 2005, Heineken Greenspace is the event that continues to give into 2006. The launch event was the culmination of an urban regeneration project of disused warehouses undertaken by Heineken in Valencia, Spain, overseen by creative directors Adrian Caddy and Mike Kettles. Following the festival Greenspace was handed back to the city and the space has continued to play host to concerts and is available for locals to develop creative ideas, supporting art, design and film. Further events in the series are planned. Walter Drenth, Heineken’s Global Marketing Communications Manager, believes Greenspace has ‘delivered beyond expectations’ with their aim for a sustainable space for social interaction. Rem Koolhaas who helped launch the project sees it as ‘fresh, really representing corporate generosity’. Keep an eye on this fusion of CSR and patronage of the arts. Heineken, after all, is a brand that now eschews TV advertising altogether in the UK.

"Greenspace has delivered beyond expectations with their aim for a sustainable space for social interaction."

Walter Drenth — Global Marketing Communications Manager, Heineken