Streetlife Festival welcomes BeeZero

Hydrogen-power shines through rainclouds over Munich

Munich Streetlife Festival — 11th June 2016

BeeZero appeared in public for the first time at the Munich Streetlife Festival. The BeeZero guest services team were over run with visitors wanting to pre-register for the car-sharing service, with more than 200 sign ups in 2 days. And it wasn’t just homegrown Munichers either with driving licenses coming from countries as far afield as Portugal, India and Argentina amongst the first customers.

Greenspace designed the 60m2 open-air experience at the Munich Streetlife Festival to present the BeeZero to the public for the first time using a variety of engaging and thought provoking exhibits to draw in visitors and encourage early registrations.

Inspired by the thought of Bees’ natural habitat, we designed the BeeZero experience around the concept of an ‘urban meadow’ — with fresh running water, info-graphic flowers, deck chairs and beehives creating an unique environment where the first BeeZero branded fuel cell vehicle is given centre stage.

Visitors collect Hydrogen facts, drink a glass of pure water from the BeeZero water bar, create and upload their own Bee personality and pre-register for the car sharing service for free. There are also prizes to win day trips with BeeZero cars at launch.

The Streetlife Festival in Munich is a mixture of street festival, environmental exhibition and fair that takes place every year in June. 

The aim of the festival, strongly supported by the city’s mayor Dieter Reiter, is to provide information on sustainable mobility.

Streetlife’s motto is, ‘Life in the city that is not dictated by traffic.’

Streetlife’s aims strongly align with those of Linde, one of the world’s largest gases and engineering companies, and the leader in hydrogen technology and renewable energy.