5 steps to BeeZero

How Greenspace created BeeZero
The world’s largest hydrogen-powered car sharing service

1. Doing good, by being good

We’re witnessing the moment when hydrogen fuel is being produced in a completely green way and, when it’s used in a FCEV to create electricity to power the vehicle, the only by product is pure water, so clean you can drink it. The implications are tremendous.

2. Being relevant

To make this start-up brand relevant, Greenspace brought a fresh perspective on urban mobility to inform the brand strategy and creative development. Greenspace developed the brand name ‘BeeZero’ as a positive call to action to consumers. It invites people to become part of a growing community of progressive, eco-minded leaders.

3. Knowing your audience

Our in-depth audience insight research revealed two main groups, these being Tech enthusiasts and Eco-cool consumers. They love smart, sustainable technology and brands that have a greater purpose. Guided by these insights, we created a gamification strategy for BeeZero encouraging:

Signing up — Rewards and status
Knowledge sharing — Places to go and activities
Community building — Getting friends to join

4. Bringing it all together

BeeZero is a sustainable and social brand. The ‘Bee’ is a metaphor for service — bees are sociable community builders that symbolise eco-friendliness and ‘Zero’ indicates zero emissions. The brand emphasises playfulness, using lines to connect the two words, to indicate motion. It’s never static, whether on cars, smart-phones, or communications.

5. Creating a Legacy Driving Idea

Greenspace creates Legacy Driving Ideas that generate positivity, advocacy and lasting value. Why? Because all brands are on a journey. For a start-up like BeeZero, the first need is recognition, but what will guarantee a successful legacy is starting with a powerful Legacy Driving Idea to guide all aspects of the brand activity from day one. Here’s how: