Launching the buzz

BeeZero is the world’s largest hydrogen car-sharing service, it’s just launched and we are buzzing.

Greenspace has created the brand and marketing strategy and all communications for the all new hydrogen powered, zero-emissions car-sharing service to be launched in Munich this summer.

BeeZero is a new venture by Linde AG, one of the world’s largest gas and engineering companies, and the leader in Hydrogen technology and its use in zero-emissions mobility.

Greenspace won a seven-way international pitch at the end of 2015 to be appointed as the lead agency for the project. We saw off the other shortlisted groups after creating a ‘Legacy Driving Idea’ entitled, ‘Believe the Hype’ for the pitch presentation.

We learned from Linde that we are witnessing the moment when hydrogen as a fuel is beginning to be produced in a completely green way and, when it’s used in a fuel cell to create electricity to power the vehicle, the only by product is pure water, so clean you can drink it. The implications are tremendous.

“With every new product launch there’s so much hype and the result is usually quite unremarkable. This is hype you can believe.”

Adrian Caddy — Greenspace

The pitch called for a partner that could work with Linde to devise a consumer facing car-sharing brand, along with a comprehensive marketing and communications strategy for a hydrogen powered car-sharing service, to be aimed at progressive eco and technology minded people living in the heart of Munich, the home of Linde’s global headquarters.

“For a big international company like Linde to create a consumer car-sharing service is a highly visible symbol of our long term commitment to hydrogen technology and renewable energy. Choosing the right partner was essential. Greenspace came with a very focused strategy, great creativity and a positive energy that convinced us all that they were exactly the right partner for us.”

Sandy Brueckner — Team lead Customer Communications — Linde AG

Greenspace brought its substantial knowledge in automotive technology and consumer brand experience for clients like Toyota and Heineken, and allied it to a fresh perspective on urban mobility, derived from in-depth audience insight research. After a close working collaborative period of several months, Greenspace developed the name ‘BeeZero’ with Linde’s full approval.

“The name ‘BeeZero’ is a positive call to action to consumers to experience hydrogen powered, zero-emissions mobility by Linde. It invites people to become part of a growing community of progressive, eco-minded leaders.”

Lee Deverill — Creative Director — Greenspace

In developing the name, Greenspace rationalised the word ‘Bee’ as a metaphor for the hydrogen powered car-sharing service because bees are sociable community builders that symbolise eco-friendliness and work together for a common goal. In addition, ‘Zero’ captures the tangible and direct consumer benefit derived from hydrogen powered, zero-emissions mobility by Linde.

The playful branding plays with an animated word ‘Bee’ and the word ‘Zero’ connected by lines that describe motion to convey the active, exploring nature of the target audience and reflects the positioning and personality of the brand. The name and the branding is never static, whether on the cars, smart-phones, or in communications. The two words link together to carry content across all communication media formats.

To support the initial April press launch of ‘BeeZero’ Greenspace has developed brand guidelines and a range of editorial and social media assets including a website and an animated brand film along with the launch event direction, photography and first wave advertising.

Looking ahead, Greenspace are working on several live event experiences, as well as the production of user videos, competitions and the all-important ‘BeeZero’ App that customers will download to book and drive the hydrogen-powered cars.