BeeZero, One Year on

A look back on one year of BeeZero

To mark BeeZero’s 1st birthday we wanted to celebrate and share the journey Greenspace have been on with them, from the concept through to activation. 


Linde approached Greenspace to create the brand and marketing strategy for an all new hydrogen powered, zero-emissions car-sharing service start-up, to be launched in Munich.


The branding plays with an animated word ‘Bee’ and the word ‘Zero’ connected by lines that describe motion to convey the active, exploring nature of the target audience and reflects the positioning and personality of the brand.

Brand launch 

In Summer 2016 BeeZero launched in Munich, having evolved from just an idea to the world’s largest and friendliest hydrogen-powered carsharing service. 

Advertising campaign

To promote the brand’s awareness in Munich Greenspace have street billboards, Facebook adverts and animated screens in the city’s metro stations


The BeeZero app allows customers to receive rewards when they download to book and drive the hydrogen-powered car

Since their 2016 launch BeeZero has grown to become the world’s largest and friendliest hydrogen-powered carsharing service we look forward to the ride ahead.