Legacy Matters

​See how business leaders create legacy for their brands

We are pleased to share more films from the recent inaugural Greenspace ‘Why Creating Legacy Matters’ Round table in Islington.

Adrian Caddy (Greenspace) discusses with the three guest speakers David Magliano (Membership at The Guardian), Mark Dickinson (Anthology) and Richard Moross ( the legacy they are creating for their businesses and how they match their short time actions with long terms ambitions.

"We help our clients work out their journey towards creating legacy – something that has at its heart an idea of generating positivity and lasting value."

Adrian Caddy - Founder and CEO, Greenspace

“As our lives become increasingly digital, there's a desperate need for a space where we can be inspired. We are taking journalism into a live experiential space.”

“Buildings don’t remember you. A great leader is someone who makes a positive impact. Legacy is about the people you positively affect."

Mark Dickinson - CEO of Anthology, specialists in large scale residential development in London.

“I am continually amazed and inspired at the virtuous feedback we get from our customers - our legacy is to make good design accessible to all.”

Richard Moross - Founder and CEO of

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