Life of a Design Intern: 4 months in

Amelie's experience

I graduated in August 2015. Since then I have interned and worked as a junior graphic designer both in agencies and as a freelancer. Why would I go back to being an intern? I have asked this question myself many times. Reason being is that my immediate pre-greenspace freelance life consisted of impersonal, mechanical and rather uninspiring tasks. I was eager to find a place where I could use my brain as much as my hands. The internship at Greenspace seemed a fitting and most welcomed change.

It is the constant conversation between different expertise groups within greenspace that catalysed my learning process so far and that has made the overall working experience particularly enjoyable. At greenspace interns are valued members of the team, not solely tea-makers and art-workers. And whilst everyone is happy to patiently answer my countless questions, I am just as comfortable to imply my own ideas. This emphasis on teamwork and loose hierarchy makes the studio a nourishing and, quite frankly, a rather fun environment to work in. 

I learned a lot in these past weeks. Not just technical aspects of Adobe Suite and the strategic backgrounds of brand building but by now I could probably hold a decent conversation about the property market in Danish and have grown awareness that ‘Bosh’ is the equivalent to ‘fuck yeah’ rather than a reference to a German engineering and electronics company.

From gathering insights about the status quo of motorcycle traffic in east Africa, interviewing people in the street and compiling brand manifesto films to late night brainstorms and designing artworks for large scale projects – the past three months were filled with a multitude of unexpected experiences and challenges. But it is not just the variety of projects but Greenspace’s inclusive environment and emphasis on strategy that accounts for a great amount of my positive experience. I regularly leave my screen to engage in project discussions with the whole team in which pre-determined job roles are irrelevant and where the focus lies on accumulating exciting ideas with a considered rationale.

So was it worth to give up my freelance life for another internship? Most certainly.  Greenspace I am here to stay.