Destination Branding

Greenspace to transform iconic British landmark

Greenspace’s work has always been focused on generating positive and lasting value for our clients. It’s called Creating Legacy. Destination branding helps to shape the legacy a space will take on. By incorporating the historical, current and social significance of a space into the branding, the value generated will feed a lasting legacy.

As we’re pleased to announce Greenspace being appointed to create the brand strategy, name and identity for the redevelopment if the Old War Office building in Whitehall, London; we have selected some of projects that resonate the importance of destination branding in creating legacy. 

Destination legacy

Our own legacy began with Greenspace’s very first project in Valencia with Heineken. The abandoned warehouses were transformed into an iconic destination, housing an event which pushed the boundaries of imagination and transmedia, sparking a cultural regeneration. The space has taken permanent residency as a fully restored cultural space hosting events, galleries, creative work spaces for the city and people of Valencia, continuing the legacy created in 2003. 

London Stories

Greenspace’s work for property developer Anthology has been focused on connecting the neighbourhood, using the stories of the local residents and businesses to transform the buildings into destinations. The Deptford Stories Arts Festival was created to celebrate the local community of today and the historical and industrial heritage of the area. Transforming a disused industrial estate into a space to house creativity not only changed the purpose of the space, but also shaped its legacy as a space housing local talent and vision for the future. 

Raising a glass to visitors

Greenspace’s history with Guinness goes back a long way, but it was in 2009 that we were appointed to re-house the Guinness Hop Store visitor centre. The storehouse was converted to become the ultimate brand destination: the space, with a mix of historical attractions, brewing craft and technology exhibits, bars, restaurants and entertainment facilities available to the public was voted Europe’s biggest visitor attraction in 2015 and we are extremely proud of the legacy it has created.

Branding a nation

Beyond branding physical spaces, destination branding is also seen often used for geographical locations, from cities to countries. As well as improving the visibility of a nation as a destination, branding nations helps to highlight its unique attributes and create iconic, recognisable symbols like New York’s infamous ‘I heart NY’ logo. In branding a nation, the identity much reflect the country’s history and its vision for the future to develop a legacy which its citizens can be proud of. We challenged ourselves to think what it would take to brand a nation like Pakistan.