Future London Academy 2016

Welcome to the future

Last week, we welcomed 15 students from the Future London Academy to our studios to share some thoughts on developing ideas in the area of experiential and interior design. It was a fun, fast and furious few hours for all of us.

Asking ‘what is the legacy you want to create?’ is what we see as our purpose; helping forward-thinking organisations create the legacy-driving idea that guides the organisation long term.

We shared a number of real life examples of our legacy creating work for amongst others; Heineken, Guinness, Toyota and Anthology and then we set the students a hypothetical challenge; how would they create a legacy-driving idea for a new electric car company wishing to open a retail experience in an urban location?

The students worked in 3 teams. Each team, mentored by a Greenspace team member, delivered three really great ideas within 30 minutes.

The workshop reiterated the importance of balancing long-term strategy and creativity and how the two homogenize to create an impactful legacy. The students were also able to realize some of the challenges they would face in the real world of design and discuss the ways they could be tackled.

We thoroughly enjoyed the session and send our best wishes to the students of the Future London Academy.

See you in the future!