​The new year and beyond

2017 sees Greenspace continue its mission to work with forward-thinking brands and organisations across the globe, guiding them with their own unique strategies, defined by their own legacy-driven idea.

AFM Toyota – ‘Passion for Better’ 
The UAE’s number one automotive brand partnership, Al-Futtaim Motors and Toyota, is leading the way to the future of mobility with better and more exciting ways of moving people. This February sees the launch of the most advanced Toyota retail and service flagship, ‘The Wave’, created by Greenspace.   

Anthology – ‘Stories of Homes, Built from London’
London’s most home-orientated property developer, dedicated to creating homes and enhancing neighbourhoods that inspire the real life stories of people who are passionate about London. New year, new development, with the launch of the Karakusevic Carson Architects and David Chipperfield designed Anthology Hoxton Press. 

BeeZero – ‘Believe the Hype’
The world’s largest hydrogen-powered zero-emissions, car-sharing brand, pioneering hydrogen as the mobility fuel for the future. 2017 sees the launch of an exciting gamification element on the BeeZero car-sharing app.