Legacy lives on

The legacy of Greenspace in Valencia

12 years on, the original Greenspace legacy still lives on in Las Naves, and it has been announced that hall three has been refurbished and is now fully equipped to provide more space for programming concerts and performing arts. It is amazing to see Las Naves continue to grow, develop, and positively help the youth of the city, and we are so proud that Greenspace has continued to evolve and leave legacy in Valencia for over a decade. 

For those who are not familiar with Las Naves, it the result of our first project back in 2003 with Heineken, our brief was to go beyond the brand and engage with the youth of today. So, we travelled to Valencia an up-and-coming city in Spain, sourced a derelict warehouse space, and designed and built a permanent branded venue, and enlisted a succession of artists and creative talents for a series of events. 

In 2011, Greenspace was transformed into Las Naves as part of a plan by the City Council of Valencia to create a multi-purpose stadium for creative talent. In the words of youth councillor Beatriz Simón’s, “the goal is to reunite new Valencian talent in these premises. It is a meeting point for contemporary innovation and cultural production based on a creativity and collaboration and networking in different disciplines such as design, music, technology and fashion.”

When we undertake a project at Greenspace we always want to go beyond the brand, positively impact the culture in which it exists, and create a legacy, and we are so happy this has become reality for Las Naves. We can’t wait to see the developments that are yet to come.