Legacy since 2003

What happens when a city council partners with an international brand to create legacy?

In 2003, Greenspace was commissioned by Heineken International to create an exclusive, Heineken-owned brand experience that would connect directly to the interests and aspirations of young adult consumers. The brand driving idea was inspired by our own philosophy – to generate positivity, lasting value and legacy – and Heineken’s own brand philosophy, that ‘Life rewards those that go beyond what they know’.

The chosen city was Valencia, Spain – where we worked alongside young entrepreneurs and the Valencia city council. A partnership was proposed whereby the council would make available public buildings that were earmarked for regeneration. In return, Heineken would renovate the buildings and use them to stage ongoing cultural events.

The collaboration resulted in a long-term partnership between Heineken and the Valencia city council, centred on three abandoned and derelict grain warehouses covering 2.5 acres of land, close to the old city port.

In 2005, our eponymous project, Heineken Greenspace was launched and culminated in a two week-long open-door event where the regenerated block of warehouses came to life. From the live events, to the sponsorship, to the community involvement and the legacy created, we created a 360-degree experience with incredible results.

Every summer from 2006-2012, the Heineken Greenspace festival celebrated the spirit of co-creation and hosted over 3,000 events.

In 2013, the warehouses were redeveloped as a permanent centre for young-adult cultural and creative enterprise. Today, the warehouses are known as Las Naves and include facilities for live music recording, performance exhibition spaces, meeting rooms and low-cost studio spaces to encourage creative and tech start ups.

Can you think of an example where a brand or business has helped generate positivity and change for better together with a city council or government?