5 Things

5 things we learned from rebranding WilkinsonEyre

1) Be true to your philosophy

WilkinsonEyre’s work is true to modernist principles, utilising the latest materials and technologies in all their work. When it came to updating the practice’s brand identity, we recommended the relevance of the Aktiv font family, with its cut and versatility across diverse print and screen platforms proving its equally relevant modernist pedigree.

2) Be generous

WilkinsonEyre recognise that people experience their buildings in different ways and the design of the new website allows people to create their own digital journey. Greenspace developed a ‘Collate’ section that allows anyone to favourite their content and create their own portfolios. The project search functionality also allows you to group WilkinsonEyre’s projects in a myriad of ways that is most useful to the website user.

3) You don’t have to shout

Rebranding isn’t always about volume, especially with a project portfolio as impressive and diverse as WilkinsonEyre. The minimalist design approach and neutral colour palette created by Greenspace always ensures WilkinsonEyre’s work is the aesthetic focus.

4) Context is inspiration

Great architecture is inspired by its context. WilkinsonEyre consider the past, the present, but most importantly, the future of all its buildings. The same principles guided Greenspace to produce a suite of print and digital templates, comprehensive brand guidelines and a digital strategy framework to help WilkinsonEyre continue to tell their inspiring story to the rest of the world.

5) Good architecture lifts the spirit

Chris Wilkinson says, “To me, good architecture lifts the spirits and can actually make people feel better – when it’s carefully considered and when it gives something back to people.”At Greenspace, this is exactly the view that informs our approach to creating legacy, whether in architecture or for business and brands. Creating ideas that generate positivity and lasting value is what makes our work authentic and meaningful.