The Drum Diversity Breakfast

Reflecting diversity

Last week, Greenspace intern, Shohada attended The Drum’s Diversity Breakfast. The event was aimed at highlighting the importance of increasing diversity and inclusion both in the workplace and within the industry

With an all female panel made up of representatives from the IPA, Microsoft and AOL and a room of peers coming from diverse backgrounds; a discussion was created around the importance of inclusion and increasing diversity within the creative industry. 

Following the immense success of Mars’ Malteaser’s advert featuring a disabled actress as the lead; which ran on Channel 4 during the Rio Paralympics 2016, the creative industry has proved that reflecting diversity in the work we produce exemplifies progression and generates positive results. 

As well as in the content we produce, reflecting diversity and encouraging inclusion within the workplace was another key point discussed during the event. From introverts and extroverts, to ethnic and religious minority groups, to individuals from different socio-economic backgrounds; diversity within the workplace should be representative of our ever-changing society with all employees feeling valued and included. 

The Greenspace team is a diverse bunch, made up of nationals and internationals, extroverts and introverts and ages from 21+. We recognise that encouraging diversity and inclusion at all levels is highly important and hope this is an area in which we can continue to develop and grow.