Deptford Foundry

The living library

Greenspace has designed an all new, fully interactive customer showroom experience for visitors to Anthology Deptford Foundry.

The 200m2 space, which comprises an immersive exhibition area, interactive development model, two bedroom show apartment and customer meeting rooms, is set within 3 railway arches. Wrapping the walls of the archway interiors are 100m of full height diamond shaped red bookshelf walls that evoke the pattern of the Anthology Deptford Foundry identity.

The bookshelves form a ‘living anthology’ of over 1,000 books, artworks, objects and artefacts curated from the neighbourhood, in order to bring to life some of the rich history, industry and artistry of South London and the Deptford area.

Hosted by Anthologists

The hosts of Deptford Foundry, or ‘Anthologists’ as they are known, welcome visiting customers and guide them through the experience using a combination of the exhibition graphics and the library books and objects, as well as mobile tablets in order to record and facilitate the purchase process.

In addition to the curated objects and books on display, a number of digital screens play a specially commissioned set of films about the Deptford neighbourhood, the apartment design story and about the London Bronze Casting company, one of Deptford Foundry’s local heroes, and the makers of the bronze A sculpture on display at the entrance.


Photography by Sirli Raita
Film by Max Cutting