Deptford Stories

Engaging communities

As a new property developer who had purchased their first plot of land, a disused industrial estate in Deptford, it was of utmost importance for Anthology to engage with their local community in an authentic way, and create a legacy for the future of Deptford Foundry.

As the period between purchasing land and redevelopment of the site can be a lengthy process, we encouraged Anthology to use this time to build upon their brand promise and get to know their new neighbourhood and the people who live there.

As a result, we created Deptford Stories arts festival, to celebrate the industrial and historical heritage of the area but to also look forward to the future of the area. Along with experimental art space, Harts Lane Studios who are based in nearby New Cross, we curated 30 artists to respond to this brief and create artwork for a two-week exhibition.

Indebted to the spirit of the local community our launch weekend featured not only an eclectic and unique array of artwork, but also offered immersive theatre experiences from In(ep)trepid Theatre. We also had had a range of food and drink vendors and musical performances across the weekend.

Deptford Stories had over 1500 visitors, achieved coverage in London’s Evening Standard, Timeout and The Londonist, with a potential PR outreach of over 5 million people. Our CEO, Adrian Caddy was also invited to discuss Deptford Stories with Liam Fleming of In(ep)trepid Theatre on BBC London 94.9fm. A resounding success, Deptford Stories has allowed Anthology to have a truly community-focused approach, and a lasting legacy.


Film by Max Cutting
Photography by Aston Leach