Breaking sponsorship convention

Honda Racing F1 team made the decision to withdraw from Formula 1 racing at the end of the 2008 season. Rather than trying to sell every inch of its car to sponsors, they commissioned a revolutionary new approach to sponsorship, making the car itself an icon to tell a new story. Working with 19 Entertainment, Greenspace created the ‘Earthcar’ - the first F1 car to be free of all sponsor logos and instead carry a high resolution photograph of the Earth from space and a url, ‘’.

Through the car and team livery, events and social media, Honda’s environmental and technological leadership story attracted new fans directly, encouraging them to think about their energy consumption habits and pledge ways to be more efficient.

In return, the name of each fan appeared on a pixel on the digital car and on the artwork of the real car, added to the car’s livery through the race season. The Myearthdream Trust raised over $1.5m through donations from more than 70,000 supporters.

“Greenspace and Nineteen did some great things together and I would love to find another project to work together on.”

Simon Fuller — Founder, XIX Entertainment

"I have worked with the Greenspace team for many years, always with excellent results."

Nick Fry — Team principal, Honda Racing F1 Team