Go Do

Kibo Africa is a brand new social mobility enterprise, based in Kenya, whose purpose is to unlock opportunities by providing access to safe and reliable mobility for as many people as possible.

Its proposition enables people to go wherever and do whatever they need with high quality motorcycles that are designed in Amsterdam, built in Kenya, and engineered specifically for Africa, with trusted support for training, safety equipment and servicing.

Kibo is the brainchild of social economist and entrepreneur, Huib van de Grijspaard, who believes in creating businesses that generate system change; by placing people and the planet central to the vision, the operation and the output.

In 2016, Huib appointed Greenspace to be Kibo’s partner for the development and implementation of its brand strategy, its communications and for the design of its retail and service network. As a London-based creative consultancy, Kibo chose Greenspace because of a shared strategic viewpoint on developing legacy-driving ideas that generate positive and lasting value.

We immediately set out to research the market in detail, traveling around Kenya and experiencing first hand, the country’s poor quality road conditions as well as its unreliable and often un-safe transport options. Along the way we met with NGO workers, business owners and transport operators as well as people who ride motorcycles for work, for fun and for commuting.

With valuable insights gained from this research, we developed the legacy-driving idea for Kibo — Go Do.

“We think brand idea of ‘Go Do’ encapsulates the spirit of Kibo excellently and reminds us every day of our purpose.”

Huib van de Grijspaard — CEO, Kibo

Go Do brings to life the entrepreneurial spirit of Kibo and of Kenyan people. The country’s motto, Harambee, meaning ‘pull together’ evokes a can-do attitude that is evident in the creativity and optimism that can be seen and felt everywhere.

Go Do forms the basis for the corporate identity and all Kibo communications. The brand is active, sociable, free-spirited and optimistic. The colours and people-centric brand photography reinforce these character traits and combine to create a powerful and distinctive image for advertising, digital and social media content.

Greenspace has art directed the brand and product photography alongside the creation of four films that tell the story of Go Do, and the stories of 3 different Kibo customers.

Kibo’s ultimate vision is to grow from final assembly towards full production and to create jobs in manufacturing, to transfer knowledge and to produce motorcycles for the Kenyan domestic market and to export to all African markets.