Establishing a progressive identity

Greenspace worked closely with the UK Government to create a unique identity for the NATO Summit in Wales. 

For the first time, the Summit was hosted in Wales and a fundamental aspect of the brief was to create an identity which reflected a modern and progressive Wales.

A suite of pictograms were developed, symbolising many different aspects of Welsh heritage and culture. Four pictograms were selected to work in combination with the NATO logotype: the Welsh Dragon, the Celtic Knot, Newport Transport Bridge and a traditional Castle. The modular design of the Summit identity integrates with the official NATO logotype devised in the 1940s, and adapts for use across all platforms; from digital to print and the event environment at Celtic Manor, where the Summit will be held on 4th-5th September 2014.

“This is a vibrant tapestry that presents strong symbols of Wales in a modern way.”

Anders Fogh Rasmussen — Former Secretary General — NATO

“The Celtic knot represents the four ancient elements of earth, water, air and fire. To me it also represents the unbreakable bond that binds the NATO Allies together and it shows how connected we are with partners across the world.”

Anders Fogh Rasmussen — Former Secretary General — NATO

“The dragon symbol represents the irrepressible spirit of the people of Wales.”

William Hague — Former Foreign Secretary — British Government


Photography by NATO Newsroom