Redefining the sales process

Volvo wanted to find newer, more efficient ways of driving sales. They halted worldwide production on all brochures – their traditional sales tool – and called upon Greenspace.

With the goals of the business in mind, Greenspace embarked on a 5-step process to uncover relevant issues and key communications challenges. We audited all current branding communication materials, analysed competitive premium automotive brands, and profiled other luxury industries including fashion and travel. Conscious of local needs and cultural nuances, we also interviewed Volvo marketing teams from around the world.

From these vital inputs, Greenspace uncovered essential consumer insights that led to a new sales enablement strategy. The entire customer journey and sales process was rationalised.

Through a series of workshops, a cross-market implementation plan was also developed. Greenspace then visualised a set of innovative brand communication tools including: personalised brochures, bespoke photocards, self-directed movies, and tailored test-drive routes.

Volvo now looks set to change the way cars are sold.