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A kinetic brand celebrating all the good things in life

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Building on our successful partnership with Totalkredit, Denmark's largest mortgage provider, Greenspace was commissioned to help create an all new Danish fintech brand focused on subscription finance.

Under the name Opendo, developed by Greenspace, a partnership of 15 banks and insurance companies is able to offer new financing solutions to over 2 million customers seeking to move away from ownership to new ways of subscribing to products and services.

We studied the growing trend in subscription services and found that as well cars and homes, people are attracted to the idea of paying for electronics, furniture and other essential products as well as holidays and other hospitality experiences. The legacy idea we subsequently developed, “Access All Good Things” directly informed the name of the new company, Opendo.

"We are in the middle of a global movement where consumers are moving away from wanting to own their things and prefer, ‘access rather than ownership’. That leaves the banks with a choice—will they play a role in the new economy, or not,” says Troels Bülow-Olsen, Founder and CEO of Opendo.

Greenspace created the kinetic brand identity, advertising, and films to help build the B2B partnership and to connect with consumers directly. In addition, Greenspace has designed the Opendo website and the UX guidelines for the developer team building the IT platform.
Opendo Casestudy 210526Opendo Casestudy 210526
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From cars to the latest tech gadgets, Opendo transforms your finances into all the good things in life, with simple leasing services.
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