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We know that good design results from good thinking

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Take a moment and allow us to occupy your mind with some of our deeper thinking on the subject of creating a positive legacy — why it matters, why positivity wins, how to create places people love and some of the bigger things we have learned from reflecting on a world challenged by the forces of Mother Nature.

We think these things because by doing so, it improves the quality of our work. We hope you find some thoughts to take with you.
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Voices of Ukraine
Gs Anastasiia Siteheader
Many Visions of Power
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Finding agency in the face of climate change
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A shape shifting identity
Architecture Today
What’s in a Name?
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Circular Thinking
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Transforming customers into subscribers
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21 Silver Linings
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Building Love
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Beyond Legacy
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Legacy for Millennials
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Stories of Home
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Can legacy happen in any sector?
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Why positivity wins in the long-term
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Creative Lives in Progress