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Brawn GP

Marked for victory

A down to earth brand for a world championship team

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Brawn GP is a legendary Formula One motor racing brand that rose from the ashes of the doomed Honda Racing FI team in 2009. Just weeks before its launch as a late addition to the F1 grid, Honda’s former technical director Ross Brawn bought the team, changing its name to Brawn GP. Soon afterwards, Greenspace was invited to a secret meeting on the Brawn campus to view the car and discuss branding.

Famously modest, Ross told us he likes things that look well engineered, and that his favourite colours are black, white and hi-visibility yellow. Two weeks later we presented the design work, and he signed it off — a brilliant example of the type of decision making with maximum speed and efficiency that became the hallmarks of the Brawn GP championship-winning season.

The brand identity, typeset in Akzidenz Grotesk, conveys the idea of brute acceleration and noise, while a radically clean livery design echoes the purity of the brand. As Brawn GP’s lead creative partner, we devised dozens of branded applications – from events and communication materials – to the branding of the pits, the drivers’ suits and even the pens used to sign autographs.
Visual Identity
Brawn Documentary 05 3000PxBrawn Documentary 05 3000Px
Brawn Documentary 04 3000PxBrawn Documentary 04 3000Px
Brawn Documentary Slideshow 01 3000Px
Brawn Documentary Slideshow 02 3000Px
Brawn Documentary Slideshow 03 3000Px
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Capturing the brute acceleration of F1, through typographic movement.
Brawn Guidelines Poster 3000PxBrawn Guidelines Poster 3000Px
A graphic language inspired by race circuits and car geometry.
Brawn Documentary 03 3000PxBrawn Documentary 03 3000Px
Brawn Ribbon Slideshow 03
Brawn Ribbon Slideshow 01
Brawn Ribbon Slideshow 02
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Brawn Documentary 06 3000PxBrawn Documentary 06 3000Px
The iconic black and yellow of Brawn GP’s triumphant maiden year.
Brawn Race Tees 3000PxBrawn Race Tees 3000Px
Brawn Race Cap 3000PxBrawn Race Cap 3000Px
Brawn Cab Livery 3000PxBrawn Cab Livery 3000Px
Brawn Gp Lanyard 3000PxBrawn Gp Lanyard 3000Px
Brawn Guest Wristbands 3000PxBrawn Guest Wristbands 3000Px
Brawn Gp Race Schedule 3000PxBrawn Gp Race Schedule 3000Px
Brawn Documentary 01 3000PxBrawn Documentary 01 3000Px
Brawn Documentary 02 3000PxBrawn Documentary 02 3000Px
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