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Kibo Africa

Go Do

A brand for wherever and whatever you need to go do

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Kibo Africa is a new social mobility enterprise based in Kenya. Its purpose is to unlock opportunities by providing access to safe and reliable mobility. The proposition enables people to go wherever – and do whatever – they need to, on high-quality motorcycles. The bikes are designed in Amsterdam, built in Kenya, and engineered specifically for Africa. A service strand offers trusted support for training, safety equipment and maintenance.

Greenspace developed and implemented a brand strategy and communications and designed a retail and service network. We travelled around Kenya, experiencing the country’s poor road conditions and unreliable, often unsafe, transport options.

We met with NGO workers, business owners, transport operators, and people who ride motorcycles for work, fun and commuting. The country’s motto, Harambee, meaning ‘pull together’, evokes a national can-do attitude. Together, our insights inspired the legacy-driving idea for Kibo — Go Do.

Go Do forms the basis for the brand and all Kibo communications. We art directed the brand and product photography for use in outdoor advertising and created four films telling the story of Go Do through the experiences of Kibo customers.
Visual Identity

Film & Photography
Allan Gichigi
Kibo Product Slideshow 01 3000Px
Kibo Product Slideshow 02 3000Px
Kibo Product Slideshow 03 3000Px
Kibo Product Slideshow 04 3000Px
Kibo Product Slideshow 05 3000Px
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An aspirational visual language, born from the bike’s unique construction.
Kibo Tracks Overview 3000Px
Kibo Guidelines 3000PxKibo Guidelines 3000Px
A playful graphic system joins a bold colour palette inspired by Kenya's distinct landscape.
Kibo K125 Advertising 3000PxKibo K125 Advertising Mobile 3000Px
Kibo K150 Flyposters 2000Px
Kibo K150 Billboard 2000Px
Kibo K125 12 Sheet 2500Px
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Kibo Lifestyle Slideshow 01 3000Px
Kibo Lifestyle Slideshow 03 3000Px
Kibo Lifestyle Slideshow 04 3000Px
Kibo Lifestyle Slideshow 06 3000Px
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Kibo Test Rider Thumbnail 3000Px
The faster, stronger K250 - Go Do More.
Kibo K250 Flyposters 3000Px
Kibo K250 96 Sheet 3000Px
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K250 Film Thumbnail 3000Px
Kibo K250 Lifestyle 2500PxKibo K250 Lifestyle 2500Px
Kibo’s personable online presence and public initiatives lead the way.
Kibo Website OverviewKibo Website Overview
Kibo Mobile Site 2000Px
Kibo Portraits Slideshow 01 2000Px
Kibo Portraits Slideshow 02 2000Px
Kibo Portraits Slideshow 03 2000Px
Kibo Portraits Slideshow 4 2000Px
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Kibo Helmet 3000PxKibo Helmet 3000Px
Kibo Wall Mural 2500PxKibo Wall Mural 2500Px
Kibo Behind The Scenes 3000PxKibo Behind The Scenes 3000Px
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