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21 Silver Linings

An optimism project

Amplifying positive stories because we should

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Our self-initiated project showcases 21 good-news stories from some of the most challenging years in living memory.
Newspaper headlines in 2020/21 were dominated by COVID-19 yet glimmering among them are uplifting stories of achievement in the fields of science, medicine, sustainability, and human equality.

Inspired by the World Health Organisation’s recommendation that individuals alleviate suffering during the pandemic by “finding opportunities to amplify positive and hopeful stories”, 21 Silver Linings collates positive news stories from the domains of culture, politics, science, the arts and business.

In addition, we gathered first-person testimonials and photographic portraits of people we encountered, each of whom were inspired to share their own silver linings. Bringing these stories to life through printed, digital and physical formats, 21 Silver Linings expresses Greenspace’s guiding purpose, which is to create a legacy of optimism.

Portrait Photography
Henry Hunt
Jack Webber
Production Partners
Identity Printers
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A journal containing 21 stories of hope and optimism.
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Silver overprint and Singer sewn with silver thread. 210 x 297mm.
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Animations shared on social media, over 21 days, counting down to 2021.
Stories published online through a dedicated microsite.
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An outdoor exhibition shared stories with the community – a collaboration with Greenwich Peninsula.
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Portraits of people inspired us with their own silver linings.
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