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Zaha Hadid Architects

Legacy for a legend

Crafting the brand for an iconic practice

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Zaha Hadid, founding partner of Zaha Hadid Architects, was awarded the RIBA Stirling Prize in 2011. She is internationally known for her built, theoretical and academic work. Greenspace was appointed to redesign the ZHA brand and to develop its website.

We began by interviewing many of the practice members, from which arose four key words to characterise its approach — brilliant, charismatic, contradictory, and disorganised. Together, these qualities and ZHA’s futuristic architectural style inspired the creation of a type-led brand identity for the practice. The identity uses a bespoke typeface designed in collaboration with Miles Newlyn.

During our time at the studio we identified a lack of consistently applied branding and marketing. To solve this, we created a suite of printed assets that allows ZHA to create consistent and professional marketing materials. We also detected a need to elevate the other talents in the practice, which we achieved through a photoshoot and profiles on the website.

Despite over thirty years of practice, a common misconception has been that Zaha Hadid’s revolutionary architecture is rarely realised. Our solution was to create ‘the ultimate archive’ — a website that allows users to explore every project by Zaha Hadid Architects, through a unique search functionality.
Visual Identity
Art Direction

Typeface Collaboration
Miles Newlyn
Alex Telfer
James Brocklebank
Zha Heydar Hero 2200PxZha Guidelines Hero 3000Px
Zha Newspaper Hero 3000PxZha Newspaper Hero 3000Px
Zha Newspaper Slideshow 01 2500Px
Zha Newspaper Slideshow 02 2500Px
Zha Newspaper Slideshow 03 2500Px
Zha Newspaper Slideshow 04 2500Px
Zha Newspaper Slideshow 05 2500Px
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The futuristic font created with Miles Newlyn, inspired by ZHA’s distinctive architecture.
A generative graphic language captures the feeling of engineered movement.
Zha Stationery Hero 3000PxZha Stationery Hero 3000Px
Zha Comps Detail 3000PxZha Business Cards 3000Px
Zha Print Slideshow 04 2500Px
Zha Print Slideshow 02 2500Px
Zha Print Slideshow 01 2500Px
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Zha Letterhead Detail 3000PxZha Letterhead Detail 3000Px
Zha Totem 3000PxZha Totem 3000Px
Zha Totem SchematicZha Totem Schematic
Zha Wayfinding 2200PxZha Wayfinding 2200Px
An online time capsule documents and celebrates the work of a British icon.
Zha Website Slideshow 01 2500Px
Zha Website Slideshow 02 2500Px
Zha Website Slideshow 03 2500Px
Zha Website Slideshow 04 2500Px
Zha Website Slideshow 05 2500Px
Zha Website Slideshow 06 2500Px
Zha Website Slideshow 07 2500Px
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Collaborating with photographer Alex Telfer on a series of expressive team portraits.
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Zha Portraits Slideshow 02 2500Px
Zha Portraits Slideshow 03 2500Px
Zha Portraits Slideshow 04 2500Px
Zha Portraits Slideshow 05 2500Px
Zha Portraits Slideshow 06 2500Px
Zha Portraits Slideshow 07 2500Px
Zha Portraits Slideshow 08 2500Px
Zha Portraits Slideshow 09 2500Px
Zha Portraits Slideshow 10 2500Px
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Zha Hero Portrait 2200PxZha Hero Portrait 2200Px
Zha Dominion Tower Hero 3000PxZha Dominion Tower Hero 3000Px
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