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St James’s Gate

Guinness Quarter

Opening the gates with a legacy to make Arthur Guinness proud.

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Greenspace was commissioned by developer U+I Group PLC to lead its team to develop a bid in response to a public issue RFP from Diageo and Deloitte to redevelop the St. James’s Gate Guinness Quarter in Dublin.

The 14 acre mixed-use development surrounds the Guinness Storehouse visitor attraction and comprises a multitude of historically significant buildings dating back over 150 years, representing a hugely important site within the urban context of one of Europe’s fastest growing centres for culture and tourism, as well as creative arts, new technology and biomedical science.

Through the redevelopment of St. James’s Gate as a truly world class mixed-use destination, Dublin can grow exponentially on a world stage as the regeneration can deliver something special for the City, for Ireland and can act as a fantastic catalyst for the definition of Guinness as a host of enterprise, tourism and economic ambition.

U+I assigned Greenspace the role of program creative director, working with a bidding team of internationally renowned architects and urban planning specialists, including OMA, Pilbrow & Partners and Grant Associates, and alongside the U+I acquisition and development team that has the reputation for the highest quality regeneration projects.

Arthur Guinness famously signed the lease on St. James’s Gate in 1759 for £45 per year for 9,000 years, and became a renowned visionary, entrepreneur and philanthropist. In response, we developed the narrative for a destination founded on the purpose of creating a legacy that would make Arthur Guinness proud when the brewery gates open to the world.

We designed and produced all film, digital, print and exhibition materials for U+I’s CEO, Richard Upton, who said, “Greenspace provided us with a thoroughly considered response to the place branding and place marketing requirements for the St. James’s Gate Cultural Quarter in Dublin. Their wonderful thoughts and ideas chimed perfectly with our overall approach. We love it.”
Destination strategy
Creative direction
Place vision

Pilbrow & Partners
Grant Associates
Matthew Thompson
Forbes Massie
Event production
Rob Furey
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New architecture echoes old practices and structures started by Guinness in 1759
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The Opengate destination idea celebrates open exchange and participation.
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Vibrant, curated and animated spaces blend progressive and historic architecture.
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