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Crafting London’s finest culinary destination

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Hidden from public eyes for more than a hundred years, The Old War Office has been reborn as London’s finest luxury hospitality destination, Raffles London at The OWO.

Formerly the seat of power for political greats like Winston Churchill and Lord Haldane, The OWO also housed M15 and M16 operations during the 20th century, as well as inspiring Ian Fleming’s most famous literary creation, super-spy James Bond.

Working closely with Raffles London at The OWO, Greenspace has crafted the branding for its collection of bars, restaurants, and spa, paying homage to the building's storied past.

The Guards Bar and Lounge strikes a powerful and regimented note in its branding, echoing the pomp and ceremony of the Horse Guards located opposite the hotel at the entrance to St, James’s Park and overlooked by Buckingham Palace. Details from the guards’ iconic uniforms – gold buttons, striped medals and regal red – inform the menu design, while the bold, bespoke typeface is influenced by the distinctive silhouette of the guards’ sentry posts.

Hidden in the depths of the hotel, the subterranean Spy Bar reflects The OWO’s real and fictional links to the world of espionage in every facet of its branding, from its subtly textured logo – a code-inspired set of geometric letters based on the original 1906 typeface – to the seductive colour palette of black and rose gold, inspired by 007 femme fatale Vesper Lynd. Reminiscent of a secret agent’s dossier, the menu offers a glimpse of Christine Granville – Britain’s longest-serving spy – through the nine-hole-cut front page, features multiple hidden pockets containing a postcard map of The Spy Bar’s location, alongside a ‘martini roulette’ card.

From casual cocktails to top-secret meetings, The Drawing Room has welcomed a plethora of famous guests over the years, from its vantage point overlooking Whitehall and the Household Cavalry as they guard the entrance to St. James’s Park. Now reimagined as a relaxed lounge and all-day dining room, its branding maintains a minimal luxury identity of its own.

Located in the airy atrium, Saison is a Mediterranean all-day dining restaurant in an indoor garden style setting, bathed in natural daylight from the restored glass ceiling. The restaurant’s namesake is captured in seasonally changing menus featuring a quartet of French Riviera inspired illustrations by renowned French illustrator Edith Carron, realised in a bespoke colour palette that reflects each season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

The jewel in the crown of Raffles London’s dining options, three-Michelin-starred chef Mauro Colagreco will oversee both an eponymous restaurant – Mauro Colagreco and Mauro’s Table, an intimate and bespoke tasting experience. From the logotype – a bespoke, elevated replica of the chef’s own – to the classical typography, the branding celebrates Colagreco’s Argentine roots and unique culinary approach. Hyper-seasonal, organic, and exceptional quality ingredients are the hallmarks of Colagreco’s philosophy, reflected in menus crafted from sustainably sourced materials such as corn-derived seed paper and recycled grass, complete with a debossed poppy design blooming on the cover.

Meanwhile at Mauro’s Table, traditional menus are replaced by an unexpected set of keepsake cards, featuring beautifully crafted botanical illustrations representing key ingredients of each individual course, for guests to remember their experience.
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Identity Print
Anje Jager
Edith Carron
The Guards Bar 230921 16X9The Guards Bar 230921 16X9
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study3Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study3
Bespoke type inspired by the powerful, regimented lines of the Kings’ Guard
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study5
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study6
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study7
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Guards Bar 14 1920X1080Guards Bar 14 1920X1080
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study9Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study9
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study10
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study11
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study12
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study13
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study14
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study14
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study15
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study16
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study17
Full Screen
Guards Bar 8 1920X1080Guards Bar 8 1920X1080
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study19Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study20
Guards Bar 3 1920X1080 818956 Padding 20PcGuards Bar 3 1920X1080 818956 Padding 20Pc
The Spy Bar 230915 16X9The Spy Bar 230915 16X9
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study64Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study64
The Spy Bar 6 1920X1281The Spy Bar 6 1920X1281
Black leather menu with hidden compartments resemble a secret dossier
The Spy Bar 1 1920X1080The Spy Bar 1 1920X1080
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study68
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study69
Full Screen
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study70Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study70
The Spy Bar 3 1920X1080 568021 PaddingThe Spy Bar 3 1920X1080 568021 Padding
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study23Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study23
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study25Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study25
The Drawing Room 2 1920X1080The Drawing Room 2 1920X1080
Typographic details reflect flourishes found in the wood panelling and fireplaces
The Drawing Room 6 1920X1080The Drawing Room 6 1920X1080
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study29Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study30
The Drawing Room Background 1920X1080The Drawing Room Background 1920X1080
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study32 094224 PaddingRaffles 230930 Fb Case Study32 094224 Padding
French Riviera-inspired typeface, Le Beaune, was chosen for its classic feel
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study34Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study34
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study35Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study35
Saison 7 1920X1080Saison 7 1920X1080
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study38Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study38
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study40Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study39
Saison 5 No Reflection 1920X1281 721905 PaddingSaison 5 No Reflection 1920X1281 721905 Padding
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study44Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study44
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study45
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study48
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study49
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study50
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study51
Full Screen
Mauro Colagreco 4 1920X1080Mauro Colagreco 4 1920X1080
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study54Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study54
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study52Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study52
Sustainably sourced menus using recycled papers made from corn and grass
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study53Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study53
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study55Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study55
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study61Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study61
Mauro Colagreco 11 1920X1080Mauro Colagreco 11 1920X1080
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study58
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study59
Full Screen
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study57
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study60Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study60
Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study72Raffles 230930 Fb Case Study72
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