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Worship Square

Altogether Better

A story to unite a new workplace with the wider community.

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Workplace developer HB Reavis’s newest building, Worship Square, is located in the heart of London’s tech-led Shoreditch neighbourhood. Designed by Make architects, Worship Square is all-electric and Net Zero Carbon in construction and operation, and is one of the world’s most sustainable offices.

Worship Square sits on a prominent corner at the intersection of Worship Street and Clifton Street, and the 135,000 sq ft workplace is accessed via its own new tree filled public square.

We approached the project to tell the story of Worship Square by simplifying the themes of new hybrid working practices, sustainability, employee wellbeing and digital connectivity.

We gathered insights about the history of weaving and cloth making in the area and found them to be analogous to modern working practices, enhanced by digital technology. The legacy idea of ‘Altogether Better’, stemmed directly from this research, and we worked to create a progressive identity that would reference a living, breathing, all round smarter place to work.

The Worship Square identity is designed to create future focused, data driven infographics and icon styling, used throughout presentation documents and wayfinding. The identity features a custom typeface designed with Dinamo Foundry and has been applied across everything from digital sales tools and a new website to brand films, animated assets, wayfinding and digital hoardings.
Visual Identity
Art Direction

Custom Typeface
Wsq Gs Website 2Wsq Gs Website 2
A distinctive name and identity for a future friendly workplace destination.
Wsq Gs Website 4Wsq Gs Website 4
A progressive identity reflecting a living, breathing, smarter building.
Wsq Gs Website 5XWsq Gs Website 5X
Wsq Gs Website 8Wsq Gs Website 8
Wsq Gs Website 9Wsq Gs Website 5
Wsq Gs Website 7Wsq Gs Website 7
A bold display typeface informed by togetherness and technology. Created with Dinamo Foundry.
Wsq Gs Website 10Wsq Gs Website 10
Wsq Gs Website 11
Wsq Gs Website 12
Wsq Gs Website 13
Wsq Gs Website 14
Wsq Gs Website 15
Wsq Gs Website 16
Full Screen
Wsq Gs Website 17XWsq Gs Website 17X
A distinctive icon style to simplify complex information and orientate wayfinding.
Wsq Gs Website 21Wsq Gs Website 21
Wsq Gs Website 212Wsq Gs Website 212
Wsq Interactive Pres 1500PxWsq Interactive Pres 1500Px
A comprehensive digital experience to launch Worship Square to occupiers.
Wsq Gs Website 18Wsq Gs Website 18
Wsq Gs Website 19Wsq Gs Website 19
Wsq Gs Website 20Wsq Gs Website 20
A film about the making of Worship Square for London Design Festival.
Wsq Building Cgi 1500Px 1
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